Computer Science Graduate Committee

The Grad Committee is a group of grad students that represents and promotes the interests of grad students in our department. The existence of this group is mandated by the university.
Our official university function is to act as a liaison between the faculty and the grad students. The grad committee meets with the department chair (Larry Peterson) twice a year to (a) discuss concerns raised by students to grad committee members, to (b) listen to concerns raised by faculty about the students as relayed through the chair, and to (c) learn about the faculty's plans for the department.
The Grad Committee also tries to organize or promote events that are useful to grad students. Some are social events, like the recent pizza and movie socials. Others are more related to department affairs, like the "meet the faculty" lunches that give first years a chance to learn about the research going on in the department.
In general, we think about the department and how our stay here can be made more useful and pleasant, both professionally and socially. If we see things that can be improved, we try to do something about it, either by talking to the department chair or by organizing things ourselves.